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Dental Services With Personalized Care and the Latest Technology

Dr. Richard A. Miller, a Falls Church, VA general dentist for 30 years, incorporates the latest technology with personal caring in every dental service and procedure. His eye always toward perfection and his insistence on engaging the best dental laboratory in the country, assures that you will always receive the highest quality dental treatments and services — be it a filling, implants or crowns/caps.  Learn more about our dental services and how you can have your best, healthy smile. Contact us today at 703-533-0926 or request an appointment.

  • dental services: Sleep Apnea & SnoringSleep Apnea & Snoring
    Personal Experience and 14 years of successful treatment has made Dr. Miller an expert in the field.
  • dental services: headaches & migrainesHeadaches & Migraines
    A precision dental solution can free you of pain, medication and lost days of work.
  • dental services: jaw & bite problemsBite Problems/Jaw Problems
    Learn how Dr. Miller’s extensive hands-on experience can get you the relief you deserve.
  • dental services: Bad Breath/Halitosis TreatmentBad Breath/Halitosis
    You can say “good-bye” to bad breath forever! Learn how our advanced treatment can eliminate the bad breath-and keep it from returning.