Sedation Dentistry

Is Sedation Dentistry For You?

  • Do you hesitate having dental treatment?
  • Do you have a fear of the noise, discomfort, vibrations, or any part of a dental procedure?

Sedation dentistry may be your best choice for a relaxing, pleasant dental experience where your fears of treatment can simply melt away.

Light sedation before your appointment allows your mind and body to relax, knowing that you can sail through your dental visit with peace with no worries or fears; sedation during the procedure will relax you, even to the point of sleep.

Moderate to Deep Sedation, combined with 30 years experience and skill in all types of restorative dentistry with a team that is genuinely concerned for your welfare, will give you the highest quality care, most skilled results and the easiest dental experience you have ever had. Dr. Miller is committed to your personal comfort and will create an individualized sedation plan for you that fits your needs and circumstances while blending in any procedure that is planned.

Contact us or Request an appointment to assess your dental needs and talk about Sedation. We’re here to serve you with Care, Caring, and Comfortable Worry-Free dental treatment.

Feel Totally Relaxed During Your Visit.