5-Star Dental Exam

5 star dental examOur 5 Star Dental Exam consists of a 1-hour, uninterrupted appointment with Dr. Richard Miller. He will thoroughly examine your complete oral health and personally review the findings with you.

What is unique about Dr. Miller’s 5 Star Dental Exam?The 5 star dental exam includes many areas that are very important to your oral health, but are often neglected during a typical initial exam. Dr. Miller believes you have the right to see and understand the full picture of your oral health and what treatment options are available to help you achieve your most healthy, lifelong smile.

5 Star Dental Exam:  Areas Covered

  • Initial Bite Exam Survey
  • Computerized Bite Analysis
  • Gum Disease Examination
  • Gum Recession and Abfractions
  • Wear on Teeth
  • Oral Cancer Examination
  • Breath Monitoring
  • Decay Examination
  • Jaw Examination
  • Airway Evaluation for Snoring or Apnea
  • Photographs of Your Teeth in Function
  • Photographs of Individual Teeth

At the end of your visit, you will receive a personal treatment plan that contains the findings of the 5 star dental exam with options available to you for optimal dental care. At that time, a team member will be there with you to discuss the options and — no matter what you choose — help with payment, financing, and phasing treatment over time, if needed.

Helping Our Patients is Our Primary Concern

Dr. Miller and his staff have a passion for helping people. He has taught dentists at major universities conferences and private seminars to understand the intricacies of modern dentistry, and he believes that you should have the benefit of his 30 years of dental knowledge, experience and skill without any strings attached. Contact our office today at 703-533-0926 or Request an appointment online.