Bite Problems/Occlusion

jaw and bite problemsHave you had any of the following jaw and bite problems?

  • Sensitive or painful teeth
  • Sensitivity to hot or cold foods
  • Biting – chewing discomfort or pain
  • New teeth requiring “adjustments”
  • Loss of gum and bone tissue
  • Abfractions (ditches) on the front of the teeth
  • Jaw and gum pain
  • Clicking noises, ear congestion
  • Aching jaw joints
  • TMJ pain or headaches
  • New restorations don’t match teeth
  • Painful crowns
  • A feeling of looseness

There is Relief!

With the right treatment your bite can be pain and problem free. All problems listed above can usually be eliminated by the correct approach to your bite. While you likely do not have any other symptoms, the origin of these problems can be the way your teeth function — what touches where when you chew, grind, or bite into food.

jaw and bite problems TekscanAs the video below shows, relief from your jaw and bite problems begins with a computerized analysis of the forces on your teeth. This tells us which teeth are taking the brunt of the force and which are barely touching. Once we know that, we can tailor jaw and bite treatment to your individual needs.

Beware of Incomplete Treatment for Jaw and Bite Problems

Most treatment for jaw and bite problems usually consists of the “tap-tap-tap” procedure and is used to grind away some of the high spots that may cause you discomfort. However, the tapping and grinding is actually a 2-dimensional way to adjust teeth in a 3-dimensional system. It does not solve the jaw and bite problem; it takes away tooth structure that may be needed; and, it just eliminates more places your teeth SHOULD touch.

Dr. Richard Miller: An Experienced Jaw and Bite Solution Specialist

Because of the intricacies of diagnosis and treatment, creating your proper functional bite requires someone with extensive hands-on experience as well as up-to-date knowledge with the latest research on this sub-specialty. Dr. Richard Miller has successfully treated jaw and bite problems in Falls Church, VA and surrounding areas for 30 years and used the Tek-Scan for over 25 years. His skill, commitment to excellence and personal interest in your well-being, can help you solve your jaw and bite problems.

Watch a Video on Jaw and Bite Problems

Your Bite — Get it Right!